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Community organizations are under increased pressure to do more with less and even worse, they have little access to partners who can assist in developing tangible results. They are inundated with advice from funders and associations about what they ought to do but lack access to good tactical support to do it.

Meanwhile, a cottage industry of capacity builders has developed, offering mostly pre-packaged products and outdated solutions. This burgeoning industry of consultants often provide little more than their own insight and in many cases only work in the social sector part time.

Dandelion plans and manages complex projects with customized growth strategies for public and social sector organizations. We use our creativity and technology to provide our partners with a single source for everything they need to increase their revenue, decrease their costs and achieve their mission.

Our team works closely with organizations to design impact projects and optimize internal processes while leading the creative talent, technologists and task managers who create a smooth and efficient experience so you can stay focused on your mission. We deliver technology, design, data, communications, and whatever else your organization may need.

If you need it, Dandelion can do that.

Reach out to us at hello@askdandelion.com and talk about how we can work together.

Projects Include

Bank on Neighborhoods
Building Detroit
Challenge Detroit
Core Detroit
Department of Alternatives
Detroit Cristo Rey High School
Detroit Revitilization Fellows
Detroit Soup
Duggan for Detroit
Easter Seals
Enterprising Health

Excellent Schools Detroit
Growth by Design
Humble Design
Institute for Population Health
Making Michigan
Mission Throttle
No Home
Project Lighthouse
Transition Detroit
United Way 2030
Waldorf School
WSU Economic Development Dept.


1514 Washington Blvd. Suite 201
Detroit, Michigan 48226

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Good Method.

Minimum Measurable Impact.

Dandelion’s Impact

We have built a unique process that results in more-impact-per-dollar invested in our communities. In order to do the most good with the least amount of resources, we first work towards an MMI: a minimum measurable impact.

Based on the MVP or minimum viable product process of the lean startup methodology, our model looks at how early iterations of solutions to community challenges could be thoughtfully generated and cost effectively implemented. With three action steps that can be utilized individually or as a whole, here is the breakdown of how we approach our work:


ico-method-1Listening Post is community intelligence at scale. Dandelion leverages a network of new media journalists who are dispatched to gather context around issues of interest. This network identifies and communicates with those closest to the issue and then organizes those conversations into a narrative of common barriers.

ico-method-2We have a global network of more than 300 designers, thinkers and makers who we tap when needed for their specialized talent. Collectively they represent a deep pool of diverse ideas and unique implementation capabilities. We inform this network of the opportunities we’re finding alongside our clients and task them with designing solutions to the most persistent community challenges.

ico-method-3Impact Assembly is the lean process and 21st century tool-set we use to create low cost, highly visible public projects that can be adopted and scaled anywhere. Dandelion can deploy a measurable pilot anywhere in the world in less than 60 days. We do not spend money on the scaled implementation of a product or program until we can demonstrate it has achieved minimum measurable impact.


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