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Humble Design

A nonprofit organization that collects clean, gently used household goods & matches them with families coming out of Detroit transitional shelters

Humble Design is a nonprofit organization which collects clean, gently used household goods and matches them with families coming out of Detroit transitional shelters. The program repurposes functional household furniture and goods, and helps these families turn their new houses into safe, clean and welcoming homes.

By providing families with basic home necessities such as a bed to sleep in, a dinner table for family meals, drawers to put away their children’s clothes, they were able to dramatically lower the recidivism rate of families returning to homeless situations. Humble Design knew their program worked. But they had been unable to communicate their story and their success in a way that would attract funding partners. Their organization was not prepared to scale beyond a local level.

Dandelion packaged Humble Design‘s story - the quantitative facts and qualitative experiences - into a dynamic, engaging narrative, and helped position their organization financially for national scale.

Our team captured video content of their process, as well as testimonials from families who received Humble Design’s services. Dandelion also audited Humble Design’s financials, prepared three-year projections, and helped put together hard data around their program’s success.

Following this initial engagement, Humble Design was approached with an opportunity to establish a strategic partnership that would make it one of the largest furniture banks in the country. Humble Design requested Dandelion’s help in positioning itself for success in this possible transition. Dandelion helped with Humble Design's strategy and developed a visual presentation tool which Humble Design’s team leverages in establishing and cultivating potential partnerships.

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