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Mission Throttle

Mission Throttle helps scale charitable solutions for the benefit of those in need through impact investments. Social investing creates a more sustainable relationships where outcomes are defined in advance, and donor intent is expressed and capital aggregation efficient. This leads to greater program capacity, the ability to serve more people and enhanced impact.

Dandelion was asked by Phillip Fisher and his leadership team to spend three weeks researching, strategizing and packaging for presentation, our take on how to best leverage a venture philanthropy fund to dramatically affect the social impact ecosystem in the State of Michigan. We presented our findings and continue to work actively with the MT team.

Dandelion then developed a robust branding and marketing package for Mission Throttle and the Third Coast fund, including visually stunning brand marks print-ready collateral and supporting materials. The toolkits clearly and concisely demonstrate Mission Throttle’s value proposition, providing their team a tool to leverage in garnering support from funders, influencers and the community at-large.