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Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, Eastern Michigan Division needed to identify uses and physical build-out options for a newly acquired facility on the east side of Detroit. They needed to identify this information as it was intended to be the basis for an upcoming multi-million dollar capital campaign. Additionally, the Salvation Army asked Dandelion to consider how activities could move their brand forward, galvanizing an understanding of how they serve the community.

Dandelion was able to quickly gather intelligence from community leaders, city officials, and potential funding sources, merging it with existing studies and actions of the the Salvation Army board to this point, to identify the highest and best use for the facility while moving the Salvation Army brand forward.

Dandelion was able to identify two primary functions for the new facility; Youth Services and Senior Day Services. Dandelion also brought strategic partners, previously un-leveraged by the Salvation Army, such as Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) and the Department of Neighborhoods (DON). These relationships created earned revenue opportunities and community buy-in used to enhance the fund development process.

Dandelion continues to assist the Salvation Army in expanding how they serve communities in an increasingly efficient and meaningful way.

The Salvation Army will soon have a scalable and replicable model that can be deployed to serve Seniors and Youth, beyond just the eastside of Detroit.