AV Ballot

Empowering more citizens to vote by increasing access to Absentee Ballots

The Problem

The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) wanted to empower more voters to participate in the election process. Recognizing that physically getting to the polls was a hardship for many residents, the MDP engaged Dandelion to help them make absentee ballot access more accessible to voters. With no uniform protocols in place, the existing process for requesting an absentee ballot varied by district. Furthermore, the process often required residents to appear, in person, at their resident clerk’s office to request or submit a form.

The Solution

Dandelion designed, built and implemented a mobile platform which would could be seamlessly integrated to work within the existing absentee ballot request processes, in each unique district, throughout the entire state of Michigan.

Dandelion worked collaboratively with the MDP, and in conjunction with the Michigan Bureau of Elections to ensure the website met the state’s and the individual counties’ requirements. The process now allows registered voters to request absentee ballots from their phone in under 60 seconds.

The decision to build a mobile website instead of an app allowed our team to deploy the technology quickly, getting into the hands of citizens who needed better access to the voting process. Additionally, voters were not required to download yet another app onto their phone in order to use the AV Ballot request form; they could simply visit the URL any time they wished. Our team incorporated security measures into the website to help ensure every voter’s personal information was transmitted to their local clerk safely.