Data Driven Detroit

Accessible high-quality information and analysis to drive informed decision-making

The Problem

Data Driven Detroit (D3) was founded to collect and review data to make positive changes in Detroit communities. D3 needed a mapping tool created for parents, teachers, and community leaders, displaying information on health data, housing needs, and other needs to inform decisions for early childhood aged children (ages 0-8). To have a mapping tool that people would actually use, D3 needed to collect feedback from the community to find out what functions to include.

The Solution

Dandelion played an integral role in helping D3 collect input from stakeholders over a period of six weeks. Through a series of focus groups led by Dandelion, parents, teachers, and community leaders were able to give feedback on what would be useful to them, as well as explore possible features. While each user group had different priorities, it became clear that parents, researchers, and institutional funders would use a tool like this.

After hearing feedback from the focus groups, Dandelion designed and built a robust prototype of the mapping tool, integrating requests and interests from the user groups. This tool allowed users to see a variety of information at once and make informed decisions based on this information. In the prototype, Dandelion used ‘Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children’ as the data point. The prototype then informed parents about lead levels in their neighborhood and provided tools on how the parents could take action by either finding a healthcare professional or reaching out to a legislator. This was then built out to include data sets for researchers and recommendations for institutions to help solve this problem. The intuitive design and user-requested features allowed D3 to display data in a useful way.