Easter Seals Michigan

Increasing Fund Development Capacity & Refreshing Brand to Strengthen Community

The Problem

Easter Seals Michigan (ESM) is a well-respected charitable organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities gain greater independence. Although the organization enjoys strong name recognition, the general public lacked an accurate understanding of ESM’s extensive menu of services, which have evolved and expanded considerably over the years.

The Solution

ESM asked us to design and develop new messaging to reinforce the organization’s strong brand identity to elegantly express the organization’s current value proposition. ESM wanted to craft a welcoming, positive message, something that did not use the words “disabled” or “special needs”— labels that are too often used, and misrepresent Easter Seal’s client community. Dandelion developed the “Be Extraordinary” campaign, a comprehensive communications strategy that included new messaging, marketing materials and a communications platform to engage the community. Dandelion led several organizational development, technology and strategic marketing projects, ranging from design and branding, to strengthening ESM’s fund development processes and team member engagement.

One of our flagship initiatives was The Legacy Project, which achieved ESM’s strategic goal of engaging and energizing team members at all levels of the organization across the state. Dandelion, designed and built an online portal to capture team member’s extraordinary client stories, and debuted the completed video at ESM’s annual AllHands team meeting.

Subsequently, when Easter Seals Michigan received grant funding from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to develop and deploy a childhood trauma assessment tool, Dandelion advised ESM on the rollout strategy, and developed the LUNA branding, messaging, and online screening process to successfully deploy the tool into the community — empowering parents and educators to get children the much-needed support and help they need after experiencing trauma.

Furthermore, Dandelion managed the strategic rollout of this new campaign through ongoing marketing, fund development, and operational support to ESM, so they are able to devote their full focus and attention to providing excellent service to their clients.

For nearly a century, Easter Seals Michigan has empowered extraordinary individuals to live more independent lives. Our story has evolved over time; however, our purpose remains the same — we help people with behavioral, physical, or developmental challenges live extraordinary lives.

Our programs support individuals and families of all ages — from birth to aging adults. We serve more than 9,000 people each year by partnering with each person to improve their quality of life and prosper, undeterred by physical disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and autism spectrum disorders. ESM will continue to adapt to respond to the needs of the community and tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each individual and their family.