Hometown Michigan

Building a virtual resource center for Michigan natives

The Problem

Focused on growing Michigan’s economy, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is a public-private partnership that serves as the lead agency and marketing arm for business,
talent, and jobs in the State of Michigan.

Recognizing that there’s a significant number of individuals who grew up in Michigan, who have moved away, the MEDC wanted to develop a light-touch way to engage these folks who would be interested in keeping up with what’s happening “back home” throughout the year. This would both bolster the agency’s brand as a “one-stop shop” capable of providing all of the resources for individuals who are considering a move back to Michigan.

With everything from housing to employment assistance, the MEDC had already compiled all of the resources needed to provide support to returning residents. The MEDC needed help getting their message out to a wider audience, and sought Dandelion’s assistance to design a strategy for how to best market this initiative and develop the technology platform to implement the program.

The Solution

Dandelion provided the MEDC with the needed strategy, technology, and tools to deploy an effective
marketing strategy and communicate their message more effectively.

To do this, Dandelion developed Hometown Michigan. built the management and technology
framework to empower the MEDC to connect with and engage Michigan expats in a meaningful way.

Equipped with a comprehensive online marketing plan that included a new brand, logo and landing page, Dandelion’s strategy incorporated content syndication, email outreach, organic social media, and pay-per-click ads on Facebook, Twitter, Classmates and LinkedIn.

By highlighting interesting stories about Michigan people and places — features that wouldn’t make national news — we were able to position the MEDC to cultivate strategic partnerships with key networks of people who grew up in the Mitten to keeping expats in touch with their hometown.