Macomb Oakland Regional Center

Refreshing Brand & Creating Awareness for a Legacy Nonprofit

The Problem

As one of Michigan’s leading critical and as one of Michigan’s leading critical and established care support organizations dedicated to providing choice, freedom, and independence to people with disabilities, MORC needed to strengthen its brand to more accurately reflect the organization’s commitment to the community and fortify its position to advocate for, and secure funding in a rapidly-changing state and federal landscape.

The Solution

MORC asked our team to help them define what the future should look like based on the organization’s rich history, and the evolving role they play in the community today.

To do this, Dandelion hosted several workshops with team members from all levels of the organization to clarify and confirm the breadth and depth of services they offer and assess the effectiveness of their current marketing and communications methods. These workshops informed a new strategy which leveraged both the impact of MORC’s resources, training, and advocacy services together with the organization’s rich history to strengthen and improve both the public and its existing stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of MORC’s value proposition.

Dandelion developed a fresh, new visual identity that celebrates both MORC’s heritage and accurately reflects the significant value they bring to the region. This helped redefine how the organization is positioned in the market and brought the organization’s 40-year old brand into the 21st century. Additionally, our team helped secure support from key team members across the organization and facilitated the rollout of MORC’s new brand throughout the region. This allowed MORC to better communicate not only what they do, but how and why their work matters to their employees and the clients they serve.

Furthermore, Dandelion developed an 18-month communication and engagement plan for MORC to guide four distinct, key areas of engagement: MORC Families, MORC Internal, MORC Foundation, and MORC Long-Term Planning. This plan outlined new ways MORC could increase its influence in Lansing defined how to position MORC as the gold standard for physical and mental health services within Southeastern Michigan.

Dandelion continues to provide communication and strategic planning assistance to support MORC’s ongoing success.